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Red Letter Day

Dear Mermista,

How are things up in space with Crabby? You may have heard that I gave up the whole superhero-of-Eternia thing. In the end it just seemed to me that people could get by without me and my fur shorts. With Skeletor and Randor gone, what did they need protection from?

I waved goodnight to the other guys at the store and started on my walk to the train station.

Since I left Eternia I’ve had a lot to think about. I’ve been trying to improve myself, and not just my scores for PS2 games! I watch that show with the talking aardvark sometimes. He has inspired me to read more. Right now I am reading a book called The House at Pooh Corner.

Sometimes I get a little lonely. I haven’t seen any of my old friends in months. I spend most of my time working or reading my book or listening to my records. Sometimes I get sad and miss you or Mer-Man and Beast-Man and stuff but it’s never too bad.

The train keeps ringing its little bell at me ‘cause I’m standing inside the yellow line that you aren’t supposed to stand in. In the end it gives up and just barrels past me, as I rock on my heels, blasting me with the warm air caught in its wake. The doors open and I get on.

A strange thing happened the other day. I was walking out of my apartment when a small ball of red string rolled past me.
It was wobbling down the sidewalk right in front of my building! Behind it the ball left a small trail of string, so I could see that it had already come at least a block. I followed the ball, wondering where it was going. We got to an intersection and the ball gradually slowed down, let a car pass, then rolled right down the curb ramp. It crossed the street and bounced up onto the other side.
By this point I was completely fascinated by it. The red ball seemed to know where it was going. We took a left at the next intersection and continued for another two blocks, leaving behind us the string as a Theseus style marker.
Suddenly the ball gave one more quick roll and disappeared. It happened so quickly my eyes followed the route it would have taken for a few feet before realizing the ball was no longer there. Instead there was just the line of string. The ball had unwound itself.
I stared at the string for a long time. There was no way for me to know where it had been going or whether or not it had gotten there. I could only see where it had been.

I always liked this escalator. It’s one of the ones where when you reach the middle the people going in the opposite direction look like they are leaning really far forward or really far back. I always laugh when I see people like that and sometimes I sketch it at home and give the people little ski poles.

Another block and I was at my apartment building door, turning the key in the lock.
“Welcome back, He-Man,” I greeted myself.

Sometimes I think of that little ball of string. I hope you are okay with Crabby. I never wanted you to get hurt.
I’m sorry if I sound down tonight. It’s just been one of those days. Maybe I’ll call Orko or something...but those guys are probably doing fine without me. I’m gonna read now. I’ll write you again later.

I put the letter I had been working on all day into a little drawer in my desk that I could lock.

Bye, Mermista.


He-Man, the most pow
just plain He-Man

P.S. Tomorrow will be funnier, I promise. I’ve just got a feeling that things are going to turn around soon.
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